About Us

ASDA is a unique Boutique Style Security & Consultancy Company located on the West Coast of the Western Cape of Southern Africa and founded by former Special Forces Operators and Anti-Terrorism Specialists.

The unique capabilities and experiences of our founders during their time served in a multi-disciplined Special Forces Unit, and with years of Consultancy experience nationally and internationally, makes for an impeccable recipe for the protection of our clientele, the protection of company cash-flow and the prevention of property loss & damage, protecting our clients and their assets professionally & discreetly altogether. By employing our services, we make sure that you as the client as well as your cash-flow is protected, and the company’s damages and losses are kept to the bare minimum.

ASDA is a (BSSP) Boutique-Service Security Provider and will meet and exceed at all your security needs a on a competitive basis. For our International Clientele we offer a wide range of specialist training and consultancy services, and not limited to only security, but inclusive of Health & Safety, Medical services, and international training services. Our specialist training services includes a range of different programs and can be tailored to suit any Tier One Principals’ needs. These tailored specialized courses and programs are only available via direct & discreet request.

Our Vision

The transformation and continual growth of all our years of experience into professional, discreet, and powerful security and consultancy services in our multi-disciplined field of expertise.

The transportation of JET A1, Diesel & Gasoline with approved bladders via Air-Transportation throughout the whole of Africa to quell the unstoppable fire of the illegal fuel-trade.

And finally; protecting tomorrow’s future by our actions of today!

Our Mission

ASDA’s slogan does not unnecessarily state; "Protecting Tomorrow's Future Today". This is ASDA’s mission, our function, and our goal in a four-word slogan. ASDA's professional Security Operatives are trained to serve and to protect; similarly, to what a professional Police Officer or Para-Military Soldier would. ASDA's Security Operatives do this in a slightly different role; as a privatized Individual & Company, serving and protecting our clients’ interests, with continuous training of our employees to keep up with the growing security trends and with continuous upgrading to conform to the latest updated security trends.

@ ASDA you simply get the best of the best service and protection, period!

Our employees adhere to a strict set of business ethics and company values while being committed to fairness and transparency in everything we do.

ASDA adhere to the following standards and codes of conduct:

  • ICOC

    International code of conduct for Private Security Service Providers


    Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority for ZAR

  • BIMCO Guardian

    Baltic & International Maritime Council Contract for PMSC

  • SAMI

    Security Association for the Maritime Industry

  • IMO

    International Maritime Organization

  • OHSAS 18001/ISO 45001

    Occupational Health & Safety Management System

  • ISO 9001:2015 QMS

    Quality Management System

  • SA Dept of Labor

    Health and Safety


    International Police Defensive Tactics Association


    Texas Tactical Police Officers Association


    International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors

ASDA's Core Values Are:

Customer Service

ASDA is committed to the absolute highest level of customer service and satisfaction. We are available 24/7 to respond to all our customer’s needs. @ASDA you simply get the best of the best service and protection, period!

Tailored Solutions

ASDA is committed to providing uniquely tailored solutions considering the dynamically transforming needs of all our customers and the continuous development of security technology. Since its establishment in 2001, ASDA remains focused on acting as leaders with uncompromising quality and strict professionalism in the provision of security and consultancy services.

Technological Differentiation

ASDA is constantly seeking out new and sophisticated technology to provide our customers with the highest degree of protection. Our Security Operatives are from ex-Special Forces, ex-Military, ex-Marines, ex-Para Military Forces & ex-Law Enforcement Officers.

Continuous Improvement

We are committed to the constant research and implementation of the newest, improved security products & technology. We are also committed to the continuous training and improvement of our Management Staff and more so our Security Operatives & Guards.

ASDA has a global reach that stems to most parts of our world.

Our Management

Company President:

Shane Wade Willard

Company CEO:

Patrick McCarthy

Operations Manager:

Dave Lamprecht

Administrator & HR Manager:

Alan Kenneth Keiser

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