Previous Projects

ASDA's Project experience includes but not limited to

  • Protected and escorted VIP Principals like former California Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, various Countries’ Presidents, VIP Government Officials and Corporate Clientele,
  • Secured and safeguarded premises, essential, lifesaving and critical equipment with a great net-worth value,
  • Secured the Glass Dowr FPSO for Blue Water while berthing at Cape Town Harbor and whilst at sea,
  • Secured the Acergy Polaris Oil-platform while doing upgrades in Cape Town Harbor,
  • Securing and Protecting numerous Cargo & Bulk Vessels across the vast oceans of our world,
  • Secured & protected the DOD Tier 1 Principals on the DOD Mentoring program, Iraq, Baghdad from 2005 to 2007, ASDA Founder & CEO being the Program Manager on this sensitive and volatile contract,
  • Secured & protected Principals on various contracts in Baghdad i.e., US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), USA Minister of Labor & Social Affairs (MOLSA), and more,
  • Supplied essential Emergency Medical Services & equipment for various clientele,
  • Supplied professional HSE (Health & Safety) services to numerous clienteles, including Shell, BP, Saipem, AGIP, sometimes in the most difficult & volatile circumstances thinkable. As an example, we saved one of our clients, on a specific Project, a whopping $ 500,000.00 per day (valued at a multiplier of 60) and managed an early demobilization of the Project site; a task the Project Director thought impossible,
  • Advised on and written countless of Corporate Company Procedures, Security Plans, Evacuation Plans, Transportation Plans, Risk Assessments and more,
  • ASDA uses state of the art security equipment and more importantly Security Professionals to keep up with the modern-day Security threats,
  • Hostage Rescue and Hostage Negotiation out of the most vile and difficult circumstances imaginable. This formed part of the core of the professional development of the Founder and more importantly; the Members within ASDA. In depth information about the training and operations done by former Operators and members of ASDA can be found within the original website itself, as well as the first book ever written about this once secretive Unit; “The SAP Special Task Force”.